CORE is asking its alumni to send us YOUR STORIES of how a college education has impacted your life, and what mattered most along the way to graduation.

We know that things go wrong everyday. But success happens. And since we were with you at the start of that road to a college degree, we are so proud to be able to share your successes with the world now that you have graduated. Many of the stories we receive from parents and students along the way knock our socks off, so we know that your graduation success stories will bring a whole new meaning to the word “inspiration” for other high school students in the city who are wondering whether a college education lies in their future, and whether they will be better off for having furthered their education beyond high school. We are writing your successes up and publishing them on our website.

So here we are, putting out a call for stories. What are we looking for? We’re looking for strong examples of how your CORE scholarship helped you to spread your wings and fly: did you go on to make a difference on campus? In your community? Where are you working now? Or did you decide to keep going and pursue a graduate degree? What problems are you helping others to solve, how did college stretch you intellectually? Did you become a change agent, and if so, what issues are you most passionate about now?

What do we need from you? We need a brief email HYPERLINK “” describing your success stories, and if you’ve started something that could benefit from a little free press… send us a link! We’re like your proud aunt who tells everybody on the bus how great you’re doing every chance she gets. We’ll broadcast your successes because we know that it means something for the world to know that your life has meaning and purpose, and if we helped even just a little bit along the way, it helps affirm for us that our work matters too.

So send your emails. And if your success has some good bits for up-and-coming CORE scholars to learn from, I mean if it’s really juicy, we’ll set up a time to interview you for the site.

You don’t need to write your own story. We’ll do that, drawing upon the interviews. We might even ask you for a photo or two. Not like you don’t have a zillion on Facebook already!

It’s that simple!

Take care, and I’ll be talking with you soon.

Peace and light,

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