Scholar In The Spotlight: Nicole Davis

If you could choose any celebrity to be your professor, who would it be and why?
If I could chose a celebrity to be my professor it would be Dr. Maya Angelou because she is so full of wisdom. She’s traveled the world and experiences different cultures so she would be able to be open to others’ perspectives. She is also an example of how America is a melting pot in which all cultures can come together.

Why did you choose your school? Why did you choose your major?
I chose West Chester because it is known for it great academic programs. It also gives me the ability to be away from home; however, I am close enough to my home if I need to go back. When I went to visit as a high school senior I insistently felt a warm welcome from the moment I stepped on their campus. From the beautiful scenery to the heart-warming performances from the different student organizations, I knew this was the place I could call my home away from home. From the living on campus and getting involved I have met a lot of amazing people that are socially and academically active. I chose political science as my major because it will equip me with the skills necessary for law school. The political science department at West Chester is very well organized and full of great teachers that genuinely want to help you succeed. I highly recommend that department, along with the Communications department, which just happens to be my minor!

What three things motivate you the most to succeed?
The three things that motivate me the most to succeed are my family, my dream of owning my own law firm, and the stereotypes against women (especially minority women). Ever since I was a little girl I had a dream of owning my own law firm. I plan to have my headquarters in Connecticut with offices in Philadelphia and New York. This dream will only accomplished by my hard work – after all, the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. Luckily I have a family that is very supportive of everything I do. My parents worked so hard to provide a better life for me so the last thing I want to do is let them down. Working hard and being successful is my chance to repay them for all they have done. Lastly, as a female and as a minority I know that there are a lot of barriers to success. However, I plan to write my own success story and lead by example so that other young African American girls can realize that their dreams are attainable.

What do you love the most about college?
The thing I love the most about college is that there are several ways to get involved on campus. There is really no excuse for boredom. There are over 200 clubs and organizations on the campus and there is always something going on. The University even puts together an Organization Fair every semester so new students can learn about all the different organizations on campus. There is a program for everyone and if there isn’t there’s an opportunity for students to create their own organization.

What do you love the least about college?
The thing I love least about college is the high cost of books. It really makes me appreciate the free textbooks we had in high school. Some of the books are written by the professors at the university so you are forced to buy the overpriced books at the bookstore. The thing that makes this even worse is that when you go to sell your books back at the end of the semester you get less than half of what you originally paid for the book.

What do you plan to do after college?
After college, I plan on attending the University of Connecticut School Of Law while gaining experience in the field by working as a paralegal for a local firm. After law school, I plan on working at a prestigious law firm so I can begin establishing a name for myself so that one day I can branch off and start my own law firm.

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