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It is not just that students with excellent academic performance can avail a scholarship. If we look around, there are many scholarships which can be obtained easily. The main aim of giving easy scholarships and grants is to help an individual who needs money for studying further. There are groups/institutions which offer scholarships for a certain unique thing/quality they are looking for in a person. Let us obtain information about quick and easy scholarships that students can benefit from.

Quick Scholarships to Apply For

The information about quick and easy scholarship opportunities is presented in the following paragraphs. The information about easy scholarships 2010 should also be useful.

Candy Technologists Scholarship: The ‘American Association of Candy Technologists’ offer a scholarship of $5000 to those students who are pursuing a 4-year degree course in North America. It is necessary that these students specialize in either food science, biological science or chemical science. The students also have to provide evidence (in the form of projects, papers, etc.) about their interest in candy technology.

Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation: Students with knowledge of issues related to environmental conservation can opt for a $250 scholarship offered by the ‘Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation’. It is one of the quick and easy scholarships for which one has to register online. After appearing for quizzes in the preliminary round, winners compete for the $250 scholarship. One should therefore make full use of this easy scholarship to apply for.

United Negro College Fund: Scholarships are given by the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) to students who attend UNCF member college. It is one of the easy scholarships to get. Those students who attend ‘Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ are also eligible for these scholarships. Programs which offer grants for dissertation completion and research can be used by faculty members of such institutions. Students can renew their scholarships if they meet the requirements at the given point of time.

HSF/Wells Fargo: The HSF (Hispanic Scholarship Fund)/Wells Fargo scholarship is given to students with a Hispanic heritage. The student (Sophomore) has to be enrolled for a 4-year course in the any of the following subjects: Business, Finance, Economics, IT, Accounting, MIS, CIS or Computer Engineering. The student should have scored a CGPA between 3.0 and 4.0 at high school/college. It is therefore, one of the important scholarships for Hispanics.

Monsanto Agriculture Scholarship: The ‘Monsanto Agriculture Scholarship’ program offers a sum of $1,500 to 100 eligible students. Students from farming families and willing to major in a degree program that teaches agriculture can apply for this scholarship program. You can apply for this scholarship online. Students from farming families should therefore, make best use of this easy scholarship for college.

Military Scholarship: The different military scholarships are an option that one can look in order to obtain money for studying further. The quick and easy scholarships for military are enlisted below.

  • Agron Seal Scholarship: Active Navy SEALS undergraduate students, are given this scholarship of $1000. Every year, one such student is offered this scholarship.
  • Admiral Mike Boorda Scholarship Program: Undergraduate students who serve the Marine corps or Navy are given this scholarship. A sum of $2000 is offered to a number of undergraduate students.
  • American Legacy Scholarship: Children of people in active service of US Military/Guard, pursuing an undergraduate course are offered a total scholarship of $26000 every year.

The quick and easy scholarships mentioned in the article should help students in continuing their education. Not everyone can go for the scholarships meant for academically bright students. One should therefore, make best use of these scholarships.

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