Proof of Residency

Parochial and private school applicants and their parent or guardian must submit proof of Philadelphia residency to qualify for a CORE Philadelphia Scholarship.
•    Philadelphia utility bill
•    (Valid) PA Driver’s License
•    (Valid) PA Learner’s Permit
•    (Valid) PA Identification Card
•    (Valid) PA Vehicle Registration
•    Voter Registration
•    Veteran’s Registration Card
•    Selective Service Card
•    Property Tax form or bill
•    (Valid) Passport

Proof of Residency must be submitted by the June 30th application deadline. Forward the proof of residency for the applicant and one parent to:

CORE Scholars
1604 Locust Street
2nd Floor Front
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Or fax to (267) 363-9509

Be sure to include the applicant’s name and last four digits of their social security number on each document.

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