Keep Striving

In life you must stick to the fight when your heart has been hit. If you have a goal, dream or vision the only person in charge of the outcome is you.  Life will happen and throughout that course life can break you. If and when that point occurs, you have to recover.

I have just successfully completed my junior year at Millersville University. This semester was a challenge for me, however I pulled through.  On top of taking 5 classes, being on two executive boards, and becoming a member of a sorority, I also had a death in my family that completely turned my world upside down. At that point in my life I wanted to give up on everything– I wanted to withdraw from classes and quit my job. Although my heart was saying, “ Give up,” my mind was trying to think clearly. So I ended up contacting the dean of my department, notifying her of my loss. My next step was to alert all of my professors of my loss.

Although I began to reconsider withdrawing from classes, this one particular professor’s response to my email made me want to leave his class and never turn back. In short, the email basically said that I would still be held accountable for my multiple absences– which basically meant if I missed more than two classes my grade would drop a letter grade. I was livid and thought he was being so cruel. I didn’t understand how that was fair and how someone could act that way towards someone who was grieving. I had about four days to calm down and I decided to speak with him in person. I explained to my professor everything I had going on in my personal life and the impact the death had on my family. The conversation ended positively and we mapped out a plan for me to finish the semester strong, which I did.

So like I stated previously, this semester was a hardship for me, however I didn’t let it conquer me. Never give up and always remember pain is temporary and that no hard time lasts forever. But the success of your accomplishments will forever be humbling and be proof that you can do whatever you set your mind to do.

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