Discover Scholarships

The Discover Card is one of the top most recognized and accepted credit cards available in the United States. Each year the Discover Card gives back to the many communities it severs by offer high school students the opportunity to receive one of their many generous scholarships. The scholarships are awarded through the company’s Tribute Award Program.

What Discover Does for Students

Annually the Discover Card gives up to $400,000 in college scholarships to deserving high school students. The company has been awarding such scholarships to students in communities nationwide since 1991. To date Discover has given almost $17 million to just under 7,000 students in the form of educational scholarships.

About the Scholarships

Applications for the Discover scholarships can be found at the company’s financial services website. Applications are all related documents required for the scholarship must be submitted by February. All students applying for the scholarship must be in their junior year of high school.

Any high school junior who is applying for the scholarship must have a 2.75 GPA or higher for their freshman and sophomore years. The students applying must also be able to prove their personal contributions in community service and how they have handled a person challenge. Ten of the students who apply are chosen to receive a $40,000 scholarship. The scholarship can be used at a technical school, two year college, or a four year college. The scholarships can also be used for a technical licensing training and certification program to which the student will be enrolling into upon their completion of high school.


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