CORE Scholarships Fall 2010 Disbursements

Attention Scholars Class of 2010!

This years scholarships will be made available in October. The CORE Scholars Program receives its funding solely through federal grants which typically arrive in October.  No worries though, your school will not be penalized for this.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Fall 2010 Disbursements:

  • Question #1: Why is my award less than I expected? Scholarship awards have been SIGNIFICANTLY reduced from prior years. Why?
    • Our scholarship program is only funded through the efforts of Congressman Chaka Fattah this year. He successfully secured continued funding from the Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Secondary Education (FIPSE) and the National Aerospace and Scientific Administration (NASA). As a result, our disbursements are directly tied to the federal government budget cycle, which kicks in by September.
  • Question #2: When will my award be released, and to whom?
    • At the earliest, this year awards will be disbursed in October. Awards are only disbursed to college financial aid offices, never to students directly. Once the funds arrive, so long as your bill is paid in full, your college will issue you a refund, but only at that time.
  • Question #3: When will my school issue my refund?
    • Again, refunds can only be issued once your full tuition/expenses bill is paid. So long as our funds are disbursed in October, CORE recipients will not be able to receive any refund to their account until their bill is cleared in October.
  • Question #4: Can my college issue me an advance so I can buy my books before my CORE scholarship arrives?
    • Not likely, although every school’s policy on this is different. Most state school systems though, no longer offer students a cash advance or any book vouchers so CORE students may need to purchase books in advance until the CORE Scholarship money is received.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your Fall scholarships, feel free to email us at

Final thoughts: Remember to take a moment to simply send a thank you email or card to U.S. Congressman Chaka Fattah (you can even give him a shout out on our Facebook page).

CORE Scholars would like to thank Congressman Chaka Fattah, FIPSE & NASA for their efforts on our behalf!

EQUALLY IMPORTANT, we also wish our freshman class nothing but success! That means you. Sit up front in class. Take good notes. Make friends with other classmates who have achievable goals for their future and see college as a key in reaching those goals, jut like you do. Remember, your friends are a reflection of you. So what are they all about? Choose wisely!

Also, continue to check in on our blog site and we’ll continue to post good info on other scholarship opportunities, our mentorship program when it launches, and anything else we come across that might be helpful to you – not just for getting through freshman year, but for getting that diploma in hand four years from now (two years for all you CCP folks – we’ve got lots of love for you too)! Don’t forget to send pics and wall comments whenever the spirit hits you!

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