The R.O.A.D. to College

Removing Obstacles to Achieve Dreams Saturday, April 14, 2012 | Community College of Philadelphia Northwest Regional Center | 9:00am – 12:30pm The Community College of Philadelphia’s Center for Male Engagement in collaboration with the Black Male Development Symposium presents The R.O.A.D. to College.  This one day series of workshops, geared toward graduating African American male high school seniors and their family members, will assist participants in learning and understanding the expectations of being a college student while gaining strategies and techniques to enroll in and successfully complete their college career.  Work shops will include topics such as the college admission process, financing your education, transitioning from high school to college, and how to support your college student. For more information, contact the Center for Male Engagement at 215.752.8817 or The Black Male Development Symposium at 215.572.8510 Northwest Regional Center 1300 West Godfrey Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141 215.751.8773

Last-Minute Student Travel Options

Want to get away? Head home? Go see your school’s football game? For college students, last-minute travel is just par for the course. While your options may be limited, there are still some easy ways to get good travel deals for students. Continue reading

Scholar In The Spotlight: Nicole Davis

If you could choose any celebrity to be your professor, who would it be and why? If I could chose a celebrity to be my professor it would be Dr. Maya Angelou because she is so full of wisdom. She’s traveled the world and experiences different cultures so she would be able to be open to others’ perspectives. She is also an example of how America is a melting pot in which all cultures can come together. Continue reading

4 Voluntourism Alternatives to Your Usual Spring Break Vacation

Your usual college spring break vacation conjures images of beaches, sand, sun, and little sleep. But let’s face it, your usual spring break madness isn’t for everyone. If you’d rather do something more constructive during the upcoming mid-semester break, you should take a closer look at something called voluntourism, a philanthropic way to see the United States or the world while making a difference. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check out these four voluntourism alternatives to your run-of-the-mill spring break. But act quickly, because these alternative spring break vacations fill up fast. Continue reading

Why Students Should Volunteer Over Spring Break

For many American families, spring break may conjure images of warm beaches, road trips, and even foreign lands. But, in a stale economy, more families may need to stay closer to home to maintain their budgets. One spring break option for high school and college students is volunteering. As they help the community, students can learn skills, make friends, and build a strong résumé. But, most importantly, students can take this time to explore their passions, says Robert Rosenthal, vice president of communications at VolunteerMatch, a free online resource that connects members with service opportunities at more than 81,000 nonprofit organizations. Continue reading

Archive for February, 2012

CORE + PHENND K-16 Partnerships Network Event Next Steps: From High School to Higher Learning A CORE + PHENND K-16 Partnerships Network Event Help a Philadelphia high school student take a step in the right direction. Whereas local colleges and universities are seeing record numbers of Philadelphia applicants, the proportion of our students that actually matriculate in the fall is far less. Continue reading

The Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship

The Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. annually sponsors a scholarship program to aid promising students in the public schools of greater Philadelphia and Suburban areas. The scholarships are for African American male students planning to matriculate in an accredited four-year college following their graduation from high school. Continue reading

The 2012 Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists Scholarship

The Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists is excited to announce that (2) two $1,000 scholarships will be offered to two deserving future journalists this year. The program is open to African-American high school students in the Delaware Valley and African-American college students who reside in or attend classes in the Delaware Valley. Applicants must be pursuing [...] Continue reading

The James William Proctor Book Award

Wesley Proctor Ministries proudly announces the 5th annual James William Proctor Book Award, established to assist recipients with the costs of their college curriculum books for the Fall 2012 academic semester. Each applicant must currently be a high school senior who will enter the freshman year of college or vocational school during Fall 2012. Recipients will be honored and presented with an award of $150.00 each at the annual award banquet, to be held in May 2012. The deadline for this scholarship is March 31st, 2012. To download the application, click here.

Scholar In The Spotlight: Alan Huang

If you could write a message inside a fortune cookie, what would it be? If I could write a message inside a fortune cookie it would be “When life gives you 100 reasons to cry, give life 1000 reasons to smile.” Continue reading

Scavenger Hunt Prize Winner – Chenping Wu

Our next winner in the CORE Scholars Social Media Scavenger Hunt is Chenping Wu (CS’10). Congratulations!!

Scavenger Hunt Prize Winner – Nicole Lester

Our next winner in the CORE Scholars Social Media Scavenger Hunt is Nicole Lester (CS’10). Congratulations!!

Scavenger Hunt Prize Winner #5 – Judy Trinh

Our next winner in the CORE Scholars Social Media Scavenger Hunt is Judy Trinh (CS’10). Congratulations!! It’s not too late to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. Join our Facebook Fan Page by clicking the image below for more information on how you can win!!

Scavenger Hunt Prize Winner #4 – Daniel Lipsman

Our next winner in the CORE Scholars Social Media Scavenger Hunt is Daniel Lipsman (CS’10). Congratulations!! It’s not too late to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. Join our Facebook Fan Page by clicking the image below for more information on how you can win!!

Scavenger Hunt Prize Winner #1 – Robert Tinney

Our 2nd winner in the CORE Scholars Social Media Scavenger Hunt is Robert Tinney (CS’10). Congratulations!! It’s not too late to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. Join our Facebook Fan Page by clicking the image below for more information on how you can win!

Federal Pell Grants & Scholarships Available For Low Income Students

Scholarships and grants are often the first source of funding that college students seek out to assist them in paying college tuition costs. Many low income college students are often reliant upon Federal Pell Grants or scholarships in order to help them meet the rising costs of attending a university or college, as many college students are unable to meet these tuition and fee costs out-of-pocket. Continue reading

NASA Announces Two Upcoming Student Contests

NASA’s 2nd Waste Limitation Management and Recycling Design Challenge NASA is inviting students in grades 5-8 to participate in the 2nd Waste Limitation Management and Recycling Design Challenge. The challenge uses real-world scenarios that meet science and mathematics content standards. Students can participate in a formal, informal or home-school setting. Teams of up to six students will design a water recycling system for the unique environment of the moon. Teams will then test their system on a simulated wastewater stream. Proposals and results are due Feb. 28, 2011. Continue reading

Alternative Ways to Pay for College

Alternative Ways to Pay for College College is expensive, a hard to swallow fact for many families. While financial aid, scholarships and grants, federal loans and private loans are all ways to help fund the rising cost of education, we’ve listed the below alternatives to help stretch your dollars. Continue reading

New College Students Face New Credit Rules

It’s time for this year’s high school graduates to leave for college, and talking to them about making and living within budgets, credit cards and the dangers of debt should be part of the farewell speech. Unlike a year ago, there’s something new in the mix this fall that is intended to keep young people away from credit cards, says Bill Hardekopf, CEO of and author of “The Credit Card Guidebook.” Continue reading

Donyale Reavis Speaks on Education on Praise 103.9 Philadelphia

On January 30th, 2010, Tiffany Bacon of Praise 103.9 Philadelphia Radio Station hosted a panel discussion on education over the air on her segment, Praise In The City.  CORE Program Manager, Donyale Reavis, Esq., was a guest speaker along with Sharon Gramby-Sobukwe, Ph.D. from Eastern University’s School of Leadership and Development. Topics on this podcast include College Admissions, Financial Aid, Recommendations, Resumes, Standardized Tests, Scholarships and more! Relevant to not only students but to parents as well. Take a listen:

Quick & Easy Scholarships

It is not just that students with excellent academic performance can avail a scholarship. If we look around, there are many scholarships which can be obtained easily. The main aim of giving easy scholarships and grants is to help an individual who needs money for studying further. There are groups/institutions which offer scholarships for a certain unique thing/quality they are looking for in a person. Let us obtain information about quick and easy scholarships that students can benefit from. Continue reading

Back to School: Saving on School Supplies

The fall semester of college will be starting soon for many  students. Education is one of the largest investments students and parents will make. That’s why it’s important to look at all the different ways you can save money on college expenses. Below are some recommendations on how to save money on different college expenses: Continue reading

Discover Scholarships

The Discover Card is one of the top most recognized and accepted credit cards available in the United States. Each year the Discover Card gives back to the many communities it severs by offer high school students the opportunity to receive one of their many generous scholarships. The scholarships are awarded through the company’s Tribute Award Program. Continue reading

Start Early to Find College Scholarships!

College decisions weigh heavy on the mind of many high school students. Notably, the question of how to pay for tuition. While some students are fortunate enough to have parents who can pay for at least some of their upcoming education, many don’t have that option. Either way, scholarships for high school students can alleviate some of the pressure on a family when it comes to financing college. For parents and students who want to avoid the worry of upcoming college and university costs, there is good news. Scholarship money for high school students is abundant. A high school student and his family just need to know the basics to find those scholarships. Here is some advice to get started: Continue reading

Paying for College Without Loans, Scholarships or Looting Your Parents’ Retirement

By Jacques Steinberg On Aug. 31, Portfolio will publish “Debt-Free U: How I Paid for an Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships or Mooching Off My Parents” by Zac Bissonnette. Mark Kantrowitz, an occasional contributor to The Choice and the publisher of, suggested that this was a book worth bringing to the attention of readers of our blog. In response, I did a brief interview-by-e-mail with Mr. Bissonnette, who has written for AOL’s, among other news media outlets. Excerpts of our exchange, which have been edited, are below. Continue reading

Report Finds Fewer Than Half of African-American Males Graduate on Time

The overall graduation rate for African-American males attending U.S. public schools during the 2007-08 school year was 47 percent, a new report from the Schott Foundation for Public Education finds. Continue reading

Scavenger Hunt Prize Winner #2 – Marcel Lindsay

Our 2nd winner in the CORE Scholars Social Media Scavenger Hunt is Marcel Lindsay (CS’10). Congratulations!! It’s not too late to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. Join our Facebook Fan Page by clicking the image below for more information on how you can win!!

CORE Scholarships Fall 2010 Disbursements

Attention Scholars Class of 2010! This years scholarships will be made available in October. The CORE Scholars Program receives its funding solely through federal grants which typically arrive in October.  No worries though, your school will not be penalized for this. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Fall 2010 Disbursements: Continue reading

Prepped for Success!

  Lack of money is why it’s important to be proactive, says Nicki Washington, a Howard University computer science instructor, author of Prepped for Success: What Every Parent Should Know About the College Application Process. Among other things, Washington recommends that students: Continue reading

CORE Summer Bash Postponed

Unfortunately, this year’s CORE Scholars Summer Bash has been postponed. However, in the Fall we will be hosting an even bigger event so stay tuned for further updates!

STEM College & Career Resources

Check out the following resources including scholarship opportunities, career planning resources, summer programs and more: Continue reading

Preview & Preorder Brian Peterson’s book, Higher Learning!

For many college students, getting into school is the easy part. Nationally, over 40% of all college students do not graduate. For certain populations (African American, Latino, first-generation, and low-income students), upwards of 70% may begin taking college classes but never complete their degree. This must change. Continue reading

CORE Summer Sendoff Conference 2010 (Video)

Click the image above to see highlights from this year’s CORE Summer Sendoff Conference!

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CORE College Send-off Conference 2010

On Monday, June 28th, CORE hosted its annual College Send-off Conference along with the School District of Philadelphia! We had a great student turnout and the event was a huge success.  We were also pleased to have Congressman Chaka Fattah in attendance along with Superintendent Arlene Ackerman. Students participated in various workshops in preparation for their first semester of college.  We also raffled off several prizes including an iPod Touch, an iPad and a MacBook Pro!  If you missed the event, you can see pics here. We look forward to seeing you all at our next event on July 31st. Stay tuned for more details!

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Stay up to date with CORE news, events, giveaways, media & more via the internet! Continue reading

PhilaNOMA Presents C.A.M.P. SUSTAIN.ABILITY 2010!

PhilaNOMA Is Pleased To Present…. C.A.M.P. SUSTAIN.ABILITY 2010!!! (For students entering the 8th and 9th grades) SUMMER is here………!   AND so is our annual architecture camp program, CAMP Sustain.Ability! The goal of this program is to help increase diversity in the architecture profession by exposing young students to the possibilities of a career in design.  The program consists of all-day Saturday workshops where students create their own design projects, and participate in many activities that introduce them to the field of architecture.  Students also learn about the importance of environmental responsibility and sustainability as a part of our camp.  This year, we are pleased to announce our workshops will be held at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, one of the top design schools in the country. Continue reading

17 Jun 2010 CORE 1st Annual Alumni Speaks! Forum at UPENN

If you missed it, you really missed out! All 50 of our attendees were in for quite the surprise when CORE Program Manager Donyale Reavis announced that all continuing full-time CORE scholarship alum would receive a $500 continuing education scholarship as founding members of our alumni network! Continue reading

Alia Tahvildaran

Alia Tahvildaran Freshman, Pennsylvania State Abington 2004 CORE Scholar and Future World-Renowned Archaeologist Alia gained an appreciation for a college education from halfway across the world in Dezful, a city in southwestern Iran near the Iraqi border that happens to be her father’s hometown. Continue reading

How much should students borrow for college?

As the deadline nears for sending deposits for college in the fall, many high school seniors are weighing their options on which— and if and how much to borrow. Continue reading

If You’re a Tall Vegan Named Zolp, Your Tuition Worries Are Over

For two Colorado students, duct tape helped seal dreams of a college education. Continue reading

Yaasiyn Muhammad

Yaasiyn Muhammad Freshman, Temple University 2004 CORE Scholar and Future Celebrated Historian and History Channel Host Continue reading


CORE is asking its alumni to send us YOUR STORIES of how a college education has impacted your life, and what mattered most along the way to graduation. Continue reading