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The CORE Scholars Foundation (Formerly CORE Philly) is a tax-exempt public foundation which promotes post-secondary college access and retention through its grant making activities to support college-going students in Philadelphia, Boston, and Charlotte.

If you are serious about college but don't have the money to pay for it, we are here to help you. The Foundation administers an IDA program funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services called RISE. Created to further our mission of addressing "final mile" funding needs to pay for the gap between what your financial aid package says you owe and what's sitting in your parent's bank account, RISE is for students and families whose total household assets fall within 200% of the federal poverty guidelines (@$48K for a family of 4). What that means is that if you save $500 of income over six months, we will give you a scholarship of an additional $2000-$4000. Who says savings accounts don't matter? And if you live in Philadelphia and complete a few things that will only make you even more ready to leave high school in the dust (hi: resumé, public service, financial literacy classes), we will support your savings goals with our Promise scholarship of $250 towards your overall $500 savings requirements.

CORE will issue awards based on the amount of dollars available for scholarships.


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